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Egyptian God of the Nile Sobek Veronese Design

  • Cast in the highest quality resin
  • Bronzed
  • Meticulously crafted by hand
  • Highly detailed
  • Dimensions (hxwxd) approx. 29cm x 11.5cm x 8cm
  • Veronese Design Art product

Sobek or Sebek is a god from Egyptian mythology. He is the God of water; the Nile was created from his sweat. He had the head of a crocodile and symbolised the fertility of the Nile and the power of the pharaohs. Sobek was the son of Neith and was especially worshipped in Fajum. The region became so strongly associated with the crocodile god that the Greeks even named a nearby city Crocodilopolis. In later times, Sobek was seen as an incarnation of the god Amon. In images, he is depicted as a man with a crocodile head or a (mummified) crocodile. Often Sobek wears on his head the sun disk with a cobra. Synonyms: Suchos, Sebek, Sebek-Ra, Sochet, Sobk, Sobki, Soknopais.
In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Sobek is mentioned as the god who assisted Isis at the birth of her son Horus. He was also considered responsible for the protection Isis and her sister Nephthys provided to the dead.

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