About us

Boutique Trukado

My name is Yasmina Dokter. I am the beating heart behind the name Boutique Trukado.

Born and raised in Russia, I have always been a real cosmopolitan in heart and soul. My biggest dream was to see the world, learn other languages, do things and leave it how I want it. But how do you make your dream a reality if you live in a then 'closed country'? "You must not give up your dream, but work towards it," my mother always said. And it was true!

I have been offered a nice job at the City Trade Center in Rostov-on-Don, my place of birth, to finish my Bachelor study. It was a job where I had to make many contacts between stores in my region and national suppliers in the food industry. Because I am an enterprising and eager to learn from an early age and always very curious about the new people, contacts and possibilities, I was approached by a large company to work at the legal department. It was a great job with many new contacts and a lot of traveling. A wonderful career was waiting for me.


Then in Russia a new president was elected and the country fell apart. As a result, large companies were privatized at lightning speed. This created a phenomenon: 'New Russians'. A new 'big boss' was assigned to the company where I worked. Suddenly my duties were revised and tasks were added that did not belong to a company lawyer.



As an enterprising type I have learned to always have a plan 'B' and also a plan 'C' and 'D' should it be necessary. During my higher professional education, I had started a small business as an extra income. In a short time it yielded above average monthly wages (for Russian terms). So I had two incomes. So I told the 'big boss' that I can use my qualities better where I want it and I resigned.

Everything has a reason.

By that time, traveling abroad became somewhat easier in the sense of business management. I also had the necessary financial resources. So with a lot of enthusiasm I made a full-time job out of my business. It felt great! Do your own ideas, do my own shopping where and when I wanted it myself. It went very well and also very quickly. Within a year I could offer three people a job, a year later there were four more employees and later three. How good could I have it!

New love

Long live internet with its dating sites. I live in Amsterdam, I have a busy job and a nice apartment and I am a happy single. I thought, in a world city like Amsterdam you have to have someone to share your happiness. So, I went dating. And ...... yes, I have him, the man of my dreams !!

Bag boutique Trukado

After having worked in a lot at different companies, I started to think more and more for myself. Although I have always been a passionate employee, I missed things that you experience when you have your own business. It was time to go back to my passion: Everything comes full circle.

In 2013, for example, Trukado Bags Boutique was born. Why bags? Because it is my greatest passion, but my husband after ..... From an early age I have always been looking for a bag that not everyone has, which is very special and special, a bag with a story. Sometimes it seemed like a mission impossible to find such a bag. How happy I was when I could find him and hold it in my hands. Like me, my customers are passionate about a beautiful and functional bag. What I find very important is that a high-quality and beautiful bag does not always have to be expensive. I strive to offer affordable luxury to everyone. This is highly appreciated by my customers. I distinguish myself by that. When composing the collections I always think of a broad target group; without age limits, with different lifestyle, gender and faith. 'A special bag for every occasion and every budget' is my motto. Love, respect and trust are my motives. I am a human person. I love personal contact with my clients. That is why I really enjoy participating in large festivals, fairs and events both in the Netherlands and abroad. This way I get a better view of what my customers want, what they like. It gives me a lot of inspiration and positive energy in my work.

So this is how Bag Boutique Trukado originated and why I do this with a lot of passion.

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And of course I hope to see you personally at one of the events we participate in