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Ancient Egyptian Goddess Of Healing Sekhmet Veronese Design

  • Cast in the highest quality resin
  • Bronzed
  • Meticulously crafted by hand
  • Highly detailed
  • Dimensions: (hxwxd) approx. 27cm x 13cm x 13cm
  • Veronese Design 

Sekhmet (the Mighty), also Sekhmet, Sakhmet, Mut-Sechmet or Hathor-Sechmet, is a goddess of Egyptian mythology, also called the Eye of Ra. She is the wife of Ptah, and was considered by some to be the mother of Nefertem. Sekhmet had a lion's head and was the goddess of retribution, sickness and lionesses. In the eyes of the Egyptians, she was a very powerful goddess. Sekhmet symbolized the destructive power of the sun. Her cult mainly took place in Memphis.

Sekhmet is the destructive form of the goddess Hathor or Mut, and the daughter of Ra. In Egyptian mythology, the sun god Ra was the first pharaoh, but over time his human body grew old and people scorned him. Thereupon he sent Hathor in the form of Sekhmet to earth, where the goddess unleashed her bloodthirsty on the people. Finally, the gods made her drink a lake of ale, which Sekhmet thought was blood, in order to stop the slaughter.

Over time, the Egyptians worshiped Hathor and Sekhmet as two different deities, although originally they were aspects of the same deity. Sekhmet could cause illness, but was also often invoked to cure an illness. In her healing form, she was also known as Werethekau.

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