Merchandise plush and figurines - Disney - Donald Duck plush toy 40cm

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Merchandise plush and figurines

Disney - Donald Duck plush toy 40cm

Donald Duck has become famous all over the world. Besides the many comic strips, hundreds of films have been made of him.

Donald was first shown in the Netherlands in 1938. At that time only two films were shown in the Netherlands. In addition, he was occasionally seen in newspaper comics by Mickey Mouse, as a sideline.

In 1950 publisher Mulder & Son brought the first booklets on the market in the Netherlands, starring Donald Duck. In October 1952 De Geïllustreerde Pers followed with the first issue of the weekly Donald Duck, which exists to this day and has been published by Sanoma Media since 1999.

Donald plays in a total of more than a hundred short films (those are films that last eight to ten minutes) and, together with other cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, in more than fifty long films. Donald Duck comics are for sale in about forty countries.

Since 1984 his footprint can be found in the Walk of Fame. On August 9, 2004, in honor of his seventieth birthday, he also received a star in this famous street.

  • Disney - Donald Duck plush toy
  • Made of very soft skin friendly velour-like fabric.
  • Total length approx. 40cm
  • Officially licensed Disney product
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