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Giftware & Lifestyle

Celtic God Lugh bronzed figurine

  • Cast in the highest quality resin
  • Bronzed
  • Meticulously crafted by hand
  • Highly detailed
  • Dimensions (hxwxd) approx 23cm x 21.5cm x 11cm
  • Veronese Design Art product

Lug, Lugh, Lugus or Lugos (Modern Irish: Lú (pronunciation /lu:/)) is the Celtic sun god. He is strong, young and a master of all arts. He is the god of crafts and trade. He was especially important for blacksmiths. He stood for the logical combination of trade and technology, making and selling. Lugh is seen as a Father God. He is worshipped with the pagan Lúghnásádh festival. This is celebrated when the first harvest comes in, in the first week of August.

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