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Giftware & Lifestyle

Amazon Warrior Bronzed Statue 23cm

  • Amazon Warrior Bronzed Statue 23cm
  • Cast in high-quality resin and bronzed
  • Painstakingly hand-painted
  • Dimentions: (hxbxd) ca. 23cm x 9cm x 9cm
  • Veronese Design

The Amazons or Amazons are a people from Greek mythology, which consisted only of women. They are often depicted on horses. According to some stories, they were even the first to use horses in battle. Descriptions of Amazons are found in a large area: from North Africa to Anatolia and the area around the Black Sea. In fact, in the fifth century, the Black Sea was still called the 'Sea of the Amazons'.
It is not certain where the name Amazon comes from. Possibly it is derived from the Greek "a-mazos", which means "without breast". One of the many Amazonian myths tells us that the women were missing their right breast, in order to be able to wield the bow optimally. Whether this was really the case is doubtful. In Greek iconography, the women simply have two breasts. For this reason, it is said that their name is derived from Artemis, the goddess they worshipped. Artemis, in addition to being the goddess of the hunt, was also the goddess of the moon. It is therefore suggested that the name Amazon comes from the Old Caucasian 'maza', meaning moon.

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