Veronese Design - Aja Orisha (goddes) of Forest adn Herbs Veronese Design

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Veronese Design

Aja Orisha (goddes) of Forest adn Herbs Veronese Design

  • Aja Goddes of Forest and Herbs
  • Bronzed
  • Statue
  • Expertly handcrafted 
  • Cast in the finest polyresin
  • Dimensions: (hxwxd) approx. 22cm x 10.5cm x 6.5cm

Aja is African goddess, worshiped by the Yoruba in Nigeria. Healer, who initiated her followers into herbal medicine. Aja also played a role in the Yoruba creation myth, with the creator goddess Oduduwa.

Aja - 'wild wind', is the Orisha of the whirlwind, the forest, the animals therein and herbal medicine. In her forests she found plants with medicinal properties and mixed the herbs, roots and other plant parts together to find medicines for the sick. She knows the secrets of botany and can also be called upon for assistance with trade and economic prosperity. Ajá shared a lot of her knowledge with people. These were usually shamans or a shaman in training.

It is believed that if one gets carried away by Ajá and then returns, he or she becomes a powerful medicine man (Oníṣègùn). Aja uses the whirlwind to lift, transfer or transport people from their abode to the jungle or other unknown place to make them walk the paths of botany. According to legend, if they want to learn the secrets or mysteries of herbs, they wander through the forest until they get lost in it. Aja then appears to the lost champion who is not allowed to show any fear, after which they are taken to learn the healing powers of herbs and plants. When the lessons are over, they are escorted out of the forest by Aja. The journey is believed to take between 7 days and 3 months, and the person is believed to have gone to the land of the dead or heaven. Ajá is considered one of the rarest earth spirits because she reveals herself to people and does not harm or frighten them.

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