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Merchandise wallets

Ninja Turtles wallet

  • Multicolor
  • Faux leather/polyester
  • Several pockets
  • (wxh) approx. 11,5cm x 8,5cm
  • Officially Licensed

Who are Ninja Turtles?
Each Turtle has its own distinct character and weapon:
Leonardo is the most adult and as such the leader. Sometimes he is even a bit bossy. His weapons are katanas.
Donatello is the most intelligent, an inventor. The Turtles owe their arsenal of means of transport, means of communication, etc. to him. He fights with the bo staff.
Raphael approaches everything with a cynical sense of humor. He is also the only one of the turtles to have a bit of an aggressive attitude. In the feature films, his character often clashes with that of Leonardo. This is because he prefers to be the leader and therefore has difficulty following Leonardo's orders. He is seen by most as the strongest in the group, but he does not have the ability to be a leader because he is not calm and does not have the responsibilities. His weapons are sais.
Michelangelo is a riot and loves extreme sports. He likes to go skateboarding in the sewers. The cry "cowabunga!" or "booyakasha", which is typical of the Turtles, is originally from him. His favorite weapons are nunchakus. Although not very intelligent, he is a very good fighter.
Despite the big differences, the Turtles have one thing in common: an obsessive love for pizza. Michelangelo's love for this dish even goes so far as to eat everything as long as it is on a pizza. Peanut butter and corn flakes, for example.

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